2019/2020 Tour Divisions

The Tour will be divided into average based divisions for both boys and girls.

These average divisions will be calculated from the end of season YBC standing sheets, current tour rankings.

A season-long starting average will be published for each bowler which will be used as the entering average for any youth tournament using the average as the entry criteria. A bowler can be requested to produce current average evidence if, in the opinion of the NAYBC Tour Manager or a Tournament Manager, the average set at the start of the season and the current average differs by 10 or more pins.

Results in these ranking tables will be used to qualify for tour finals events.

Youth Bowling Tour Average Division Allocation:

DivisionLow AverageHigh Average

In addition to average ranking tables, the tour will produce age-based ranking tables which will award prizes at the end of the season.

The age tables will be Boys and Girls U11, U13, U15, U17, U19, and U22.

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