BTBA Youth Bowling Tour:

Competitors who, in the opinion of the tournament managers, are not dressed in a presentable manner will not be permitted to bowl.

All bowlers must wear a suitable bowling shirt with the player’s name or Team / YBC name clearly visible.

Alcohol or tobacco sponsors are not allowed.

No denim or jersey/jogging/tracksuit clothing of any description will be allowed.

Only skorts, skirts, tailored shorts, trousers, ¾ length trousers or sports leggings may be worn. Whichever attire is worn it must be dark in colour (either black, dark grey or dark blue).

Hats or other headwear will not be permitted without prior request.


  1. Sports leggings are deemed as not see-through and must not have large logos or blocks of different colours or patterns.
  2. The acceptable length of tailored shorts, skirts and skorts is a length that is no shorter than the tip of the longest finger when the bowler’s arms are resting by their side.
  3. Tailored shorts and trousers do not include cargo/combat style and must not have extra pockets or other decoration and must not have large logos or blocks of different colours/patterns. Additionally, trousers and shorts must have belt loops.
  4. Trousers must not have elasticated ankle bands