Rankings for the 2019/20 season

We are working with our Rankings Hosting partner, BowlTrack, on the format changes needed for this seasons points system. We have published the tables here in the interim.

Tour Ranking Tables      
Average Divisions
Boys (updated 12/11/19)A (180-300)
B (160-179)C (140-159)D (120-139)E (100-119)F (0-99)
Girls (updated 12/11/19)A (180-300)B (160-179)C (140-159)D (120-139)E (100-119)F (0-99)
Age Divisions
Boys(updated 12/11/19)U11U13U15U17U19U22
Girls (updated 12/11/19)U11U13U15U17U19U22
Triple Crown Qualifying
Boys (updated 12/11/19)U15U18
Girls (updated 12/11/19)U15U18
EYC Qualifying (updated 24/11/19)Boys
WYC qualifyingBoysGirls
YBC Ranking (updated 12/11/19)YBC


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