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The National Association of Youth Bowling Clubs is a sub committee of the British Tenpin Bowling Association (BTBA) and provides help and assistance to Youth Bowling Clubs and Youth Bowlers in England.

The NAYBC has adopted the Key values of the BTBA and apply these to everything we do.

• Focus on our membership
• Commitment to equality
• Working together with respect
• Commitment to excellence
• Pride in our heritage

Our aims are to:
• Become a trustworthy, reliable and credible association, which provides ethical and fair environments for people to become involved in the sport.
• Provide open, honest and clear communication to everyone we talk to.

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Coaching does not fall under the remit of the NAYBC.  You can find information on the BTBA Coaching website.


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The ICCs aren’t under the remit of the NAYBC, you can find news and information on the BTBA Website, or click the link below.


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Team England isn’t under the remit of the NAYBC, you can find news and information on the BTBA Website, or click the link below.


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NAYBC Youth Tour:

There will be a Tour Final, currently being planned for September 2020.

To be eligible, at least 12 events from the current tour calendar must have been entered, along with any other requirements as stated on the calendar.

The number of bowlers who will qualify and the format of the tour finals will be announced as soon as the information is available.

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The date for the 2018/19 tour finals is 29th September 2019.

We plan to have the season Tour Finals in September each year going forward.

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On the BTBA Youth Tour points will be awarded in each division, based on the difference between the scoring pace average for the division and the actual average the bowler attained.

For meeting the scoring pace average 50 points will be awarded.

Points will then be added or deducted based on the average difference.

For example:

  • Scoring pace average for division: 150
  • Bowler scores 178 average, points awarded: 50 + 28 = 78
  • Bowler scores 134 average, points awarded: 50 – 16 = 34

Separate tables will be maintained for bowlers grouped by Average and by Age.

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This year’s NAYBC Tours (YBT and BTBA Tour) are being supported by our partners at BowlTrack.  There is a small cost, but this equates to pence per player across the season and is outweighed by the benefits of our partnership.

BowlTrack are making an investment in Youth Bowling in the UK to help ensure a strong future for the sport.  Part of this is the provision of a dedicated online portal to display event rankings, results, and bowler statistics.

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The BTBA is committed to protecting your privacy.  We do not pass any personal information to our partners without your consent.

The NAYBC Tours ranking system does not display or store your contact information or date of birth.  Bowlers are allocated to the appropriate division before the event results data is loaded in the rankings portal.

We do not currently display the location (YBC name), exact age, or photos of any of our members on the rankings portal.  This may be reviewed in the future, in which case our members will be consulted and informed of any action they need to take.

For more information on the BTBA’s privacy notice for members please go to our Members Privacy Notice.


External websites

The BTBA website contains links to other websites. The BTBA is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of external web sites.

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We will be updating rankings and statistics within a few days of receiving the verified results from the tournament manager.

There may be some delays while the results are checked, for example if an entering average is challenged, but we will try to resolve these as quickly as possible.

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The NAYBC has partnered with bowltrack to launch the new rankings website.  All of the results are processed by the NAYBC before being sent to bowltrack to be processed.

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Due to the JTE and YTE tours coming to an end the previous sites would no longer work.  This was agreed and recorded at the NAYBC Committee meeting in July 2018.

The new site can be found at naybctours.btba.org.uk and will be updated on a regular basis.

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The NAYBC is excited to announce the BTBA Youth Bowling Tour powered by DV8 (“the Tour”) for the 2019/2020 season.

The Tour

Each season across the country tournaments are arranged, independently of the NAYBC, that enable bowlers to explorer their horizons beyond that of their YBCs and to pitch their skills against their peers. Each tournament has its own format, entry-level criteria, finals format, and prize allocation. Any youth bowler that has a valid BTBA card is eligible to enter youth tournaments.

The Tour augments these tournaments by awarding ranking points and maintaining ranking tables based on performance to all bowlers that enter. Every season the NAYBC review the available tournaments and in discussion with the tournament managers decide which tournaments will be eligible for tour ranking points. The Tour Calendar will show these tournaments.

The Tour groups bowlers into divisions, both male and female, and the first goal of those following the tour is to finish in the top 3 on points to receive a tour prize. At the end of the season, a Tour Finals playoff session is held and bowlers attaining a certain level within their division will be invited. Full details of this will be published later in the season.

The 2019/2020 season combines the previous separate BTBA and YBT Tours into one, bringing all bowlers together. All BTBA registered youth bowlers will automatically be entered onto the tour and after completing their first tour ranking tournament they will appear on the tour ranking website.

There is no additional charge to join the tour, a valid and current BTBA member card and registration at a sanctioned YBC is all that is required.

Following a review of the 2018/2019 season, results from the recent online survey, and ongoing discussions with bowlers and parents alike this season’s tour will see some changes introduced.

The key features of previous tours remain in The Tournaments; the Ranking Points; the ranking tables; and qualifying goals.

However, they have been reworked to help deliver on our key objectives:

  • Increase bowler participation
  • Reduce overall costs
  • Develop a club culture within the YBC

The details of the Tour are available on the following FAQ Pages:

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