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Starting this season sanctioned YBCs will receive tour points for tournaments their bowlers participate in.

At the end of the season, the winning YBC will receive a winners shield and a prize.

YBC tour points will be awarded on attendance levels, the more bowlers the YBC enters the more points,  and the results of their bowlers.

The points system will operate as follows:

  • For tournaments marked as North (-N) or South (-S) any YBCs entering both will only receive points from the tournament where the most of their bowlers entered
  • 10 points awarded for each ranking tournament entered (as shown on calendar)
  • Points awarded for the overall percentage of bowlers at a YBC that enter the tournament:
  • Points awarded for the top 20 YBCs combined average score of their bowlers at the tournament.
    • 1st: 41 points, 2nd 38 points, 3rd 35 points, 4th 32 points, dropping by 2 points for subsequent place until 20th place receiving 1 point.
  • The YBC tour table will be updated on the NAYBC Tour Ranking website after each tournament.
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The National Association of Youth Bowling Clubs is a sub committee of the British Tenpin Bowling Association (BTBA) and provides help and assistance to Youth Bowling Clubs and Youth Bowlers in England.

The NAYBC has adopted the Key values of the BTBA and apply these to everything we do.

• Focus on our membership
• Commitment to equality
• Working together with respect
• Commitment to excellence
• Pride in our heritage

Our aims are to:
• Become a trustworthy, reliable and credible association, which provides ethical and fair environments for people to become involved in the sport.
• Provide open, honest and clear communication to everyone we talk to.

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Coaching does not fall under the remit of the NAYBC.  You can find information on the BTBA Coaching website.


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The ICCs aren’t under the remit of the NAYBC, you can find news and information on the BTBA Website, or click the link below.


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Team England isn’t under the remit of the NAYBC, you can find news and information on the BTBA Website, or click the link below.


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