European Youth Championships 2021
Players must be born between 31/08/2002 and 01/09/2007 to be eligible
Stage 1 - Automatic Qualification
The average criteria of 210 for Boys or 200 for Girls from any mix of 6 of the
events listed on the Team England BTBA website. Averages will be taken from the first 6 games played in
each event, with the exception of The NAYBC National Championships where
all 9 games will be used.
This table tracks all eligible entries across those events.
The top 4 girls achieving the required average level will receive automatic qualification.
Note: As soon as any bowler completes their sixth tournament this table will be sorted by default in tournaments completed order followed by average. And will also track the six best results.

#.Player NameTournamentsPinfallGamesAverageQualifying Avg Diff
1Jessica Sillis2217612181.33-18.67
2Nicole Ediker3322918179.39-20.61
3Hannah Ailes2213112177.58-22.42
4Leah Tickner3313518174.17-25.83
5Millie Upton3312718173.72-26.28
6Nicola Betts2207912173.25-26.75
7Izzy Fletcher4413324172.21-27.79
8Iriana Lagman2202912169.08-30.92
9Emma Groom2200612167.17-32.83
10Kara Zucca2198512165.42-34.58
11Abbie Rhodes19816163.5-36.5
12Morgan Giller2191312159.42-40.58
13Nikkita Truslove19566159.33-40.67
14Danielle Topham19516158.5-41.5
15Eva Reynolds19486158-42
16Yolanta Stephenson2186612155.5-44.5
17Emily Dixon19266154.33-45.67
18Emma Cullen19056150.83-49.17
19Olivia Streak2173212144.33-55.67
20Leah Frear-binns2143912119.92-80.08
21Abbie Bakeer17026117-83
22Evie Gunfield16836113.83-86.17

Links to EYC qualifying tournaments results where bowlers trying to achieve automatic qualification have entered.

NOTE: Where a tournament allows re-entry only the first entry is counted.
TournamentResults Link
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