European Youth Championships 2021
Players must be born between 31/08/2002 and 01/09/2007 to be eligible
Stage 1 - Automatic Qualification
The average criteria of 210 for Boys or 200 for Girls from any mix of 6 of the
events listed on the Team England BTBA website. Averages will be taken from the first 6 games played in
each event, with the exception of The NAYBC National Championships where
all 9 games will be used.
This table tracks all eligible entries across those events.
The top 4 boys achieving the required average level will receive automatic qualification.

#.Player NameTournamentsPinfallGamesAverageQualifying Avg Diff
1Samuel Hayles111916198.5-11.5
2Dan Harding3355118197.28-12.72
3Charlie Upton2228312190.25-19.75
4Joshua Streak111366189.33-20.67
5Matthew Streak111326188.67-21.33
6George Jagger2221712184.75-25.25
7Jon Frear-binns2221412184.5-25.5
8Jack Blyth3331518184.17-25.83
9Ben Tull111016183.5-26.5
10Joseph McCaffery111016183.5-26.5
11Luke Evenett111006183.33-26.67
12Ronnie Russell110826180.33-29.67
13Frank Stephenson2213112177.58-32.42
14Louie Dawson110596176.5-33.5
15Henry Connor110466174.33-35.67
16Cameron Fay110446174-36
17Bailey Tuck110406173.33-36.67
18Kian Russell19666161-49
19Joey Dawson19526158.67-51.33
20Joel Rivers19226153.67-56.33
21Jack Welch19166152.67-57.33
22Ben Marston18446140.67-69.33

Links to EYC qualifying tournaments results where bowlers trying to achieve automatic qualification have entered.

NOTE: Where a tournament allows re-entry only the first entry is counted.
TournamentResults Link
The English Red Rose 2019Results
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International JIC Sinjoor Youth TournamentResults
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