European Youth Championships 2021
Players must be born between 31/08/2002 and 01/09/2007 to be eligible
Stage 1 - Automatic Qualification
The average criteria of 210 for Boys or 200 for Girls from any mix of 6 of the
events listed on the Team England BTBA website. Averages will be taken from the first 6 games played in
each event, with the exception of The NAYBC National Championships where
all 9 games will be used.
This table tracks all eligible entries across those events.
The top 4 boys achieving the required average level will receive automatic qualification.
Note: As soon as any bowler completes their sixth tournament this table will be sorted by default in tournaments completed order followed by average. And will also track the six best results.

PositionPlayer NameTournaments EnteredBest 6 Events GamesBest 6 Events PinfallBest 6 Events AverageQualifying Avg Diff
1Daniel Harding7367217200.47-9.53
2Jack Blyth6366944192.89-17.11
3George Jagger5305508183.60-26.40
4Jon Frear-Binns5305457181.90-28.10
5Joshua Streak4244376182.33-27.67
6Matthew Streak4244231176.29-33.71
7Charlie Upton4244188174.50-35.50
8Frank Stephenson3183200177.78-32.22
9Samuel Hayles2122212184.33-25.67
10Ronnie Russell2122203183.58-26.42
11Luke Evenett2122166180.50-29.50
12Thomas Cummings2122158179.83-30.17
13Joseph Mccaffrey2122076173.00-37.00
14Bailey Tuck2122007167.25-42.75
15Henry Connor2121969164.08-45.92
16Joey Dawson2121911159.25-50.75
17Joel Rivers2121903158.58-51.42
18Jack Welch2121870155.83-54.17
19Louie Dawson2121838153.17-56.83
20Benjamin Robinson161195199.17-10.83
21Ben Tull161101183.50-26.50
22Callam Hall161073178.83-31.17
23Cameron Fay161044174.00-36.00
24Ryan Smith161019169.83-40.17
25Shea Warren161012168.67-41.33
26William Herbert16991165.17-44.83
27Kian Russell16966161.00-49.00
28Daniel Birch16964160.67-49.33
29Samuel Cummings16964160.67-49.33
30Sam Broadbent16959159.83-50.17
31Ciaran Chatburn16953158.83-51.17
32Jacob Humpleby16943157.17-52.83
33Luke Trigg16936156.00-54.00
34Callum Durrant16923153.83-56.17
35Ben Marston16844140.67-69.33
36Caleb Bailey16812135.33-74.67

Links to EYC qualifying tournaments results where bowlers trying to achieve automatic qualification have entered.

NOTE: Where a tournament allows re-entry only the first entry is counted.
TournamentResults Link
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