BTBA/YBT Tour Finals for 2018/19 Season

If you have not yet confirmed or declined your place at the finals from the list below please contact me as soon as possible.

Congratulations to the bowlers listed below, who have qualified for the BTBA/YBT Tour Finals for the 2018/19 season.

The finals will take place at Nuneaton Bowl on Sunday 29th September 2019
Registration will be at 09:30 with the first round starting at 10:00.

Tours Finals Format will be (based on 6 bowlers per division):

NOTE: If there are fewer than 4 bowlers confirmed for a division the finals event for that division won’t run.

  • Seeding Round – 3 Games  all bowlers – Scratch scores to determine seeding order
  • Round 2 – 2 games matchplay – all bowlers
  • Semi Final – 2 games matchplay round 2 winners and highest scoring loser – 4 bowlers
  • Final – Best of 3 games

Presentations for BTBA/YBT Tour and Tour Finals will be held at the end of the Final.

DivisionAge GroupRankNameConfirmed
BoysBTBA-U111Frankie RussellYES
BoysBTBA-U112Alfie HumphreyYES
BoysBTBA-U113Thomas CarverYES
BoysBTBA-U114Riley TaylorYES
BoysBTBA-U115Leighton FishwickYES
BoysBTBA-U116Ieuan LagmanYES
GirlsBTBA-U111Jasmine SnowballYES
GirlsBTBA-U112Grace ThomisYES
GirlsBTBA-U113Lexi HaddockYES
GirlsBTBA-U114Ciara FerriganYES
GirlsBTBA-U115Ella DunphyYES
GirlsBTBA-U116Kayleigh-May WilsonYES
BoysBTBA-U161Jon Frear-BinnsYES
BoysBTBA-U162Kian RussellYES
BoysBTBA-U163Samuel CummingsYES
BoysBTBA-U164William HerbetYES
BoysBTBA-U167Joe TrevorYES
BoysBTBA-U168Josh DaveyYES
GirlsBTBA-U161Olivia StreakYES
GirlsBTBA-U162Alicia RandleYES
GirlsBTBA-U163Emily DixonYES
GirlsBTBA-U164Eva ReynoldsYES
GirlsBTBA-U165Abigail CampbellYES
GirlsBTBA-U166Leah Frear-BinnsYES
BoysBTBA-U191Blake SmithYES
BoysBTBA-U192Ben EdwardsYES
BoysBTBA-U193Jordan HartYES
BoysBTBA-U194Harry MeyersYES
BoysBTBA-U195Hugo GibbsYES
BoysBTBA-U197Daniel CanhamYES
GirlsBTBA-U191Kathryn BettsYES
GirlsBTBA-U192Emily PoseyYES
GirlsBTBA-U193Averyll GreenYES
GirlsBTBA-U193Ellie LathamYES
GirlsBTBA-U195Paige JohnsonYES
GirlsBTBA-U197Jane OlsenYES
Youth Bowling Tour
BoysYBT-U174George JaggerYES
BoysYBT-U175Ronnie RussellYES
BoysYBT-U178Thomas CummingsYES
BoysYBT-U1710Matthew StreakYES
BoysYBT-U1711Samuel HaylesYES
BoysYBT-U1712Henry ConnorYES
GirlsYBT-U171Leah TicknerYES
GirlsYBT-U173Jessica SillisYES
GirlsYBT-U174Izzy FletcherYES
GirlsYBT-U175Emma GroomYES
GirlsYBT-U175Nicola BettsYES
GirlsYBT-U177Morgan GillerYES
BoysYBT-U191Connor MudgeYES
BoysYBT-U192Joshua StreakYES
BoysYBT-U193Callum CarverYES
BoysYBT-U194Sonny RowlandYES
BoysYBT-U195Adam BanksYES
BoysYBT-U196Caspar MacleodYES
GirlsYBT-U192Nicole EdikerYES
GirlsYBT-U194Jade ConnorYES
GirlsYBT-U195Mica RobertsYES
GirlsYBT-U196Teri RowanYES
GirlsYBT-U197Emma CullenYES
BoysYBT-U223Jay GoodwinYES
BoysYBT-U224Alex McCarthyYES
BoysYBT-U225James RobertsYES
BoysYBT-U226Kiran AkehurstYES
BoysYBT-U228Connall MairYES
BoysYBT-U229Josh BuckettYES

Please email me, Stephen Toop, to confirm or to decline your place. Any places not taken up by the initial finalists will be offered to other bowlers.

Stephen Toop
NAYBC Tour Manager