BTBA/YBT Tour Finals – 2018/19 Season

This year we bring both NAYBC tours (BTBA and YBT) together to celebrate their finals together.  We are pleased to announce that both tour finals for the 2018/2019 season will take place at Nuneaton Bowl on Sunday September 29th 2019.


At the conclusion of the finals we will present prizes for the tour winners and medals for the tour final winners.

Please remember that the finals are free to enter for the top 6 in the divisions announced at the start of this season.

For BTBA tour bowlers there are still two qualifying tournaments left, and for YBT bowlers there is one more opportunity to try and secure your place at the finals!  Visit the tournaments page to find out how to enter the events.

The top 6 will be notified after the results of the 2019 Youth London International are added to the rankings portal.

Should any of the top 6 not take their place it will be offered to the next qualifying bowler.

Full details of the day will be released once the finalists have been announced.


Stephen Toop
NAYBC Youth Tours Manager