Volunteer opportunities

Further to the committee announcement earlier this month, there are now several volunteer opportunities advertised on the BTBA website.

  • NAYBC Youth Development Manager
  • NAYBC Youth Tours Manager
  • NAYBC Youth Tours Support Officer(s)  [up to 4 positions]
  • NAYBC Communication Officer(s)  [up to 3 positions]
  • NAYBC Events Reporter(s)  [up to 3 positions]

Click here to download the application forms.  Each form has the full role description at the bottom (page 4), but if you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting me by email.

Organisational and cultural change is not easy, and will take time.  This is an exciting opportunity to help reshape youth bowling in England and make a difference at grassroots level.

Previous experience is not essential, we are looking for fresh ideas and talent.  This does not mean that anyone who currently, or has previously volunteered should not apply, we will always remain open to talented, committed and capable people.

Thank you for your patience during this period of transition,

Simon Herbert

Chair of The National Association of Youth Bowling Clubs

British Tenpin Bowling Association