NAYBC Committee structure

Following my appointment as NAYBC Chair last month, I have been reviewing the current structures and processes.

The association is now going to be increasing the focus on grassroots clubs and members. This may sound obvious, given our name, but we need to aid the clubs to engage with new members, retain existing members and build better working relationships with other divisions of the BTBA. The NAYBC is the youth / junior division of the BTBA and we will be aligning ourselves and sharing resources wherever possible.

This starts with our core values. Values are the shared beliefs we have as an organisation and will help to us achieve our vision. Going forward, the NAYBC will adopt the Key values of the BTBA and apply these to everything we do.

• Focus on our membership
• Commitment to equality
• Working together with respect
• Commitment to excellence
• Pride in our heritage

Our aims are to:
• Become a trustworthy, reliable and credible association, which provides ethical and fair environments for people to become involved in the sport.
• Provide open, honest and clear communication to everyone we want to talk to.

This is not going to happen overnight, it will be an evolution over the next few years. Some changes will happen sooner than others. The first of these is that with immediate effect, the NAYBC committee has been disbanded in its current form and a new committee will be formed.

Some existing committee roles will not be retained, others will be changed. There will also be some new roles. All roles that need recruitment will be advertised, with full role descriptions, on the BTBA and NAYBC websites as appropriate.

I want to thank everyone on the committee for their time, hard work, and dedication. Whether this has been for 3 weeks or 30 years, it is all equally appreciated and valued. However, changes are needed to drive the association forward. Collectively, we need to work in a more modern and organised way.

I would like to stress that everyone is welcome to apply for any of the positions, I hope that many of the current volunteers choose to stay with the association on its journey. If anyone decides that they do not wish to at the moment the door will always remain open to talented, committed and capable people.

I look forward to sharing our full plans when the new team is in place. Junior bowling is very much alive and there are many exciting years ahead of us.

Simon Herbert
Chair of The National Association of Youth Bowling Clubs

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  1. Excellent this is exactly what is needed. Bowling has been dying a slow painful death for years now.

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